LED Music Light Bar

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♫ LED Music  Light Bar 2021 New Voice-activated Pickup Rhythm Light-Music

level lamp adopts an aluminum alloy shell, it syncs easily with your TV screen images and sounds. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences with vibrant lighting. With the diversification of the car, this kind of voice control lamp also can add different decorations for our car, enhance your colorful driving experience.


  • MODE/SPEED key: Short press to turn white-select mode; long press to turn red-select 5 speeds.
  • COLOR/BRIGHT key: Short press to turn white-select color; long press to turn green-select 4 levels of brightness.
  • Press two keys at the same time: Press at the same time to turn blue-to learn the environmental noise spectrum.

Packing Includes:
1 x light bar
1 x data cable
1 x manual