Wireless Charger & Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

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Transform your mornings with our all-in-one Sleep Light, Sunrise Wake-up Lamp. This versatile device doubles as a bedside lamp, atmosphere light, and Bluetooth speaker. It also features an alarm clock, 15W wireless charging, and a variety of lighting modes. Simply click the bulb button to switch between 10 solid colors, two-color racing, three-color racing, and seven-color racing. And with the linked app, you can access an additional 256 modes and adjust among 16 million light colors. Enhance your sleep and wake-up experience with this multi-functional lamp.

Product Information:

Specifications: black, light grey, white, blue, green, pink
Size: 22.5 * 8.2 * 23
Style: American

Packing List:

Atmosphere lamp * 1
USB cable * 1